Python for chemistry workshop series

A image from the flyer for the intermediate python for chemistry workshop

May 31, 2021

Machine learning models are rapidly developing and are being applied in chemistry to drive research. However, for someone who want to get started with machine learning or even writing codes for chemistry applications, there are not many resources available. This workshop series aims to create the necessary resources are not available. In these workshops, I share the experience that I gained from the OCELOT project and are conducted once a month. The first workshop was in April 2021.

To create such a series, I started with establishing a Facebook page Chemistry with code for promotion. The tickets to the workshop are sold over Enventbrite. Ticket management is easy to work with on the website. All tickets are sold for free to attract more participants. The workshops are held on Zoom with hands-on experience provide with Google colab. I conduct pre-workshop surveys to know the background of the participants and their expectations. Post-workshop surveys are also conducted. 

The turn-out has not been great so far, only a third of the registered participants show up. But the post-workshop surveys are encouraging. Interestingly, tickets are sold out fast, 200 tickets were sold in less than a day. The recordings from the workshop are made available on Chemistry with code Youtube channel and the python notebooks are available on my Github page.

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